Upasana Vijay Kumar - Creative Writer & Faculty, Deeksha Academy

My rendezvous with the field of medicine began as early as infancy. I had barely taken stock of my surroundings, when fight for survival began. Bronchitis, a mysterious GI problem high fever and trouble with my vision, were the primary foes.

I grew older and my health problems grew stronger. My school days were double jeopardy, struggling to be healthy and striving to be accepted by my teachers and class mates was an uphill task.
Mockery and being treated as an outcast took its toll on my personality, I withdrew inwards, shunned company and became dreamy. Anyone could well imagine the plight of a child who is rudely turned away,’ Go away, we won’t play with you. You keep falling-.’
With a heavy heart and moist eyes I would retreat to my only refuge-books. Here began a unique relationship of a loner with the world of fictions. I became a voracious and avid reader. We were inseparable.

Youth did not bring much respite and the same fight took a broader perspective. Through all this I was lucky enough to be cared for day and night by my mother and grand parents. Their sole mission was to keep me protected , safe and as healthy as could be They left no stone unturned to help me survive.Fortune favours the brave, is most apt when it comes to the doctors who treated me. I was cared for by the best in the business . They put all of their skills and expertise in keeping me alive. My recent tryst with cancer took me to a team of Oncologists who are not only great doctors, but also extremely empathic humans. Currently, I am being cared and treated by a wonderful team up of an Allopathic physician and a Homeopath

God has strange ways of bestowing grace on his weak children. Just when I thought, I was losing the fight, a long came a blessing in the form of my life partner. No words can express the bond I share with him , he is the be all and end all of my life. I wouldn’t be alive without him.

Post cancer I have lost most of my vision and as a result have been separated from my best friends-books. This made me feel very depressed and incomplete. Here again, god came to my rescue. He sent an angel in my life. To me she is a mentor, idol, role model clubbed together in one person. What I feel for her is a pure blend of adulation, adoration, reverence and deep affection.
Food for thought- a humble plea to those who enjoy the best of health and intellect. Let us all re-kindle the warmth of empathy and compassion, stop discrimination, understand a situation which is different from normal and accept disability not as a weakness but as a strength. Motivated and honesteffort to alleviate the cause of disability, is the need of the hour. We don’t need pity, just give us a chance to prove ourselves.


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I appreciate the program. Basics of program learnt well.
It has been quite enthralling and informative experience. Many doubts and confusion regarding technique.
The journey was excellent. I learnt a lot within these 2 days.